Brian Chapman
great B&W digital work.

Bill Schwab
shoots a lot at night, check out the New Zealand portfolio.

Michael Kenna excellent traditional B&W landscapes.

Rolf Horn works with gold toned B&W printing.

Adam Moore B&W landscapes and documentary shots from around the globe.

Mary Ellen Mark is a leading documentary photographer.

Mark Tucker nice B&W work- take a look at his famous "plunger cam"!

Claire Arnaud Based in Paris now, does really nice urban photography.

Lucy Goodheart a very intuitive color photographer.

Herb Ritts a real innovator in portrait and fashion photography. Excellent B&W portraits

Richard Avedon was a master of portraiture using an 8x10 format camera.

Analog Photography Users Group if you still shoot film this is the place to be.

Mark Romanek is a video/film director with an great visual style.

David Lynch take a look at a creative director & designer.